SDFA addresses several key development challenges. One issue is poverty. Over 40% of African live below $1.25 a day and women are the most affected. When women lack opportunities, their families continue to live in poverty.

More than 50% of youths and women in Africa are unemployed and lack adequate skills to be self-reliant and hence continue to live in poverty. A number of young people mostly in the rural parts of Africa have little or no formal education, and most of the youth started school and at some point dropped out mainly due to poverty. These youths lack adequate skills to be self-employed or seek employment.

Another issue is energy poverty. Lack of access to clean and affordable energy leads to poor living conditions and affects education, environment, health and other sectors. In addition, over 500 million people do not have access to electricity and continue to reply of kerosene and firewood for lighting and cooking.

Our programs aim to address these key issues.