In order to reach our goals, we need your support. We have shown that we are helping families increase their income levels over a short period, with just litlle support.

You can donate through:

  1. Donation Button on the website
  2. Checks addressed to Sustainable Development For All-Kenya
  3. Bank wire/transfer to Sustsinable Devlopment For All-Kenya bank account

Email us on for any inquiries about donations



We welcome volunteers for a wide range of experience ranging from college students to retired personel. Volunteers are engaged in any of our 3 main projects in Kenya and will work both in Nairobi and in the various villages we are supporting.

We have two programs:

  1. The East African Volunteer Program- for East African residents
  2. Non East African Volunteer Program-for non East African residents

Volunteers are required to pay for the cost of accomodation, and basic meals where necessary. They will also cover the costs of airfare and transportation within the country, and any other associated expenses.

Email us on to learn more about how you can be involved.