Our management and advisors include:

Wadongo E.– Founder & Chairman- He has a Msc. Development Management and Bsc. In Electronic and Computer Engineering. Mr. Wadongo has received various global awards including CNN Hero, Pan Commonwealth Youth Award, Mikhail Gorbachev award, and was named among MIT Technology reviews innovators under 35, among others.

Wemanya A.– He has Masters in Environmental change and management from University of Oxford, Masters in Climate Change and International Development from University of East Anglia, and has several years of experience in implementing livelihoods programs in Kenya.

Harrington P.-She has a Msc. in Global Health Management and Social Development from New York University and has worked in various organizations implementing programs related to community health and development.

Mwombe G.– He has a Bachelor of Education degree and currently pursuing a Masters in International Development. has previously worked in the banking sector. He has many years of experience in project management, training and content delivery, and customer service.

Hill C.– A professor of strategy at Foster Business School at the University of Washington.

Pelton M.– An experienced business development and financial professional currently working with KPMG in The United States.

Li James – has several years of experience as an entrepreneur, and product development having worked with global firms such as Meltwater.

Nyatike W.- She has a Bachelor of International Business Management and experience in sales and marketing obtained from private sector.

Mayaka L.- A trained public accountant with experience in financial management gained from both private sector and public sector.