Mission, Vision and Focus Areas

Sustainable Development for All– Kenya (SDFA-Kenya) was registered as a non-partisan, non-governmental organization, non profit in Kenya in 2007 and it has been working with poor families in Kenya and other African Countries to bring lasting changes to social –economic problems. To reflect the pan African growth strategy, SDFA-Kenya is now being changed to SDFA-Africa.



SDFA-Africa aims to help poor communities attain sustainable development, and in turn live better lives, through initiatives that incorporate communities themselves. It strives to provide long-term solutions to socio-economic problems affecting various communities and thus alleviate poverty.


SDFA-Africa envisions seeing a world where technological innovation, education and economic empowerment are leveraged in a sustainable way to eradicate poverty.

Key Focus Areas

1. Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods
2. Skills and Capacity Development
3. Energy Poverty and Environment