Mission, Vission and Focus Areas

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1.0 Executive Summary

Sustainable Development for All– Kenya (SDFA-Kenya) is a non-partisan, non-governmental organization that works with poor families in Kenya and other African Countries to bring lasting changes to social –economic problems. SDFA-Kenya was founded in 2006 and officially registered in June 2007.

SDFA-Kenya observes, identifies, and researches on key problems affecting a specific community and then engages the community to develop local solutions to these problems. SDFA-Kenya then mobilizes resources and thereafter implements the identified solution, in conjunction with the community and other partners.

SDFA-Kenya’s main program dubbed “Use Solar, save Lives’ is born out of the belief that access to affordable and sustainable energy is one of the key life-changing catalyst needed to reduce rural poverty. Through the provision of locally designed and made solar lanterns and creation of income generating activities in these villages from money initially spent on kerosene, rural communities are transformed with increased access to education and the opportunity to thrive and improve their own livelihood.

SDFA-Kenya is working in Kenya and Malawi and is seeking to expand into other African countries. To date, SDFA-Kenya has impacted directly over 120,000 people.

2.0 Mission

SDFA-Kenya aims to help poor communities attain sustainable development, and in turn live better lives, through initiatives that incorporate communities themselves. It strives to provide long-term solutions to socio-economic problems affecting various communities and thus alleviate poverty.

3.0 Vision

SDFA-Kenya envisions seeing a world where technological innovation, education and economic empowerment are leveraged on sustainably to eradicate poverty.

4.0 Key Focus Areas

  1. Environment and Health
  2. Education
  3. Economic Empowerment